Customer Retention Program

Let leadzHUB help you retain your current customers.  You spent a lot of money to build your customer base; let us show you how to keep and grow that base with our custom referral system.

Persistence makes a difference. Are you too busy to make phone-calls to checkup on your existing clientele?  Most of us are.  Unfortunately it’s too late when we get that cancelation email.  The customer that you spent all that time and effort to produce has been solicited and went with a lower cost provider.  Some other broker is eating your lunch.  Busy brokers loose about 10% of their customer base each year because they didn’t know the customer had issues or concerns. 

There is the possibility that some of your clients needs have changed. Whether they need added coverage or simply an outlet to voice concerns, our specialized staff provides a 100% private check-up calling service to your existing client base to gather feedback in a professional and sensitive manner.

Have the staff at LeadzHUB™ assess your customers’ needs:

  • Rate Increases
  • Renewals
  • Reinstatements
  • Policy Provisions

Spend 100% of your time selling. Let us bring prospects feedback to your desk.

This service is so valuable in the sales retention process that large companies have whole departments dedicated to existing customers.  LeadzHUB can become your personal customer service department for a fraction of what it cost to replace that client.

Ramp up your referral program.  Let us show you how to step up you referral business by staying in touch with your current customer on a systematic basis.  The referral is the best lead in the business, bar none. We can help you create an endless supply of referrals and at the same time keep your current customers “customers for life”.

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